Science and Magic in Game of Thrones (H. Keen)

Helen Keen was first an actress, then a director for a documentary on selective mutism: Finding your voice. She then became a radio host for her show Big problems. The British released a book in early November: Science and magic in Game of thrones. Helen Keen holds the WISE (Women in Science and Media Engineering) media award, as well as the Association of British Science Writers Award.

The cult series decrypted

The author dissects all the events and magical facts of the Game of thrones saga, and tries to explain them rationally. Thus, you will be able to discover the link between Greek fire and napalm, that between Valyrian steel and Damascus steel, or even why the dragons of Daenerys can be compared to the dragons of Komodo.

If the book addresses, between science and magic, a wide spectrum of fields: metallurgy, toxicology, psychology, or even biology… It also mentions historical facts and anecdotes. Helen Keen tells us about the realism of the armor worn by Arya and Brienne, how kings and queens protected themselves from poisons, or even Dr. Guillotin, who developed the device to which he gave his name. She also tells us the story of a duel between two aristocratic women, resulting from a dispute over a flower arrangement.

In the course of the book, experiences are even offered to the reader, such as "the experience of the fake hand, or how your mind can dissociate itself from your body". Helen Keen does popular science about a heroic fantasy saga and it works. His humorous tone does not detract from the seriousness of his words and makes this reading very playful. His approach is similar to that of Patrick Baud who lists, in particular on his youtube channel Axolot, strange facts and historical or scientific curiosities, "sources of astonishment".

Science & Magic in Games of Thrones, by Helen Keen Paperback. Albin Michel, November 2017.

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